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Welcome to Art House Stationery, a website that offers a vast collection of high-quality private label rights (PLR) digital products to help you grow your business and serve your clients. Before you start using our digital products, please read this license agreement carefully.

What are Private Label Rights (PLR) digital products?

PLR digital products are pre-designed/written products that are sold to multiple buyers, who can then edit, customize, and use the product as their own. With PLR digital products, you have the flexibility to use it as is, edit it, or repurpose it into new products.

What can you do with Art House Stationery's digital products?

You can use Art House Stationery's digital products to grow your business, serve your clients, and build your brand. Here are some ways you can use our digital products:

  • Sell the digital products as your own product

  • Create digital products such as ebooks, courses, and webinars

  • Use the digital products as blog posts, articles, and social media posts

  • Create lead magnets such as checklists, worksheets, and templates

  • Customize the digital products for your clients or use them as part of your coaching program

What are the restrictions of using Art House Stationery's digital products?

While you have a lot of flexibility in using our digital products, there are some restrictions to keep in mind:

  • You cannot resell the product with PLR rights.

  • You cannot transfer the private label rights to others.

  • You cannot sell or giveaway your license to the products.

  • You cannot use the PLR digital products in any illegal or unethical way.

What are the benefits of using Art House Stationery's digital products?

Using Art House Stationery's digital products can save you time and money while providing high-quality products for your business. Here are some benefits of using our digital products:

  • You don't have to start from scratch. Our digital products are professionally designed and edited, saving you time and effort in creating your own products.

  • You can customize the digital products to match your brand and voice. With our editable files, you can easily make changes to the product to make it unique and relevant to your audience.

  • You can use the digital products in a variety of ways to grow your business and serve your clients. Our digital products are versatile and can be repurposed into a variety of formats to suit your needs.

How do I get started with Art House Stationery's digital products?

To get started with Art House Stationery's digital products, simply browse our extensive collection of PLR digital products, select the digital product you want to use, and purchase a license for that product. Our licenses are affordable and flexible, allowing you to choose the product that meets your needs and budget.

Once you have purchased a license, you can download the product and start using it right away. Our editable files make it easy to customize the product to match your brand and voice, and our support team is available to help you with any questions or issues you may have.


Art House Stationery reserves the right to terminate this license agreement if you breach any of the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. Upon termination, you must immediately stop using our digital products and delete any copies of the digital products in your possession.

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